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11 Maggio – La Compagnia dell’Olio/Social in Milano ENG

The 11th May, in an amazing industrial loft, the East River Martesana, a project to upgrade the Milan ‘ suburbs is hosting us for the first free appointment offered by the Leone d’Oro

leggi in Italiano

A competition in the contest, the first 9 classified oils will be tasted by a jury made up of bloggers, influencers, instagrammers and journalists . The winner will be awarded with special Leone d’Oro

During the event in Milan, from 15.30 onwards, the audience will choose to taste from around 200 of the best olive oils produced in the world, assisted by professional tasters who can, on request, tell them the provenance, cultivars and organoleptic characteristics

18,30 -20pm  Quick Basic Masterclass, for everyone: Guided tasting of 4 awarded evoos (2 Italians, 2 foreign), how to read the label, unfiltered oil, low acidity, first cold pressed, produced or bottled , myths or real quality ?


The “Compagnia dell’Olio” is an experiment of a group of volunteers from O’live & Italy, which wants to give the opportunity for all to know and taste the high quality extra virgin olive oil, the really good ones, the really well done, the one what  brings in its flavor the stories (beautiful) of those who produce it

Thanks to the technical sponsors who support us :

Location: East River Martesana  

Valtenesi Chiaretto, tavolo Rosa : Cascina Belmonte Pasini S.Giovanni 

Bread Cascina Sant’Alberto           Isca delle Donne            La Spasa, ceramiche


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