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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Diplomas on SALE !

What we talk about when we talk about diplomas? Who have ever organized a course knows that some people enrolled in it for healthy thirst for culture, and to have a human experience, whereas other people asked – before signing up – “Which kind of certification do you release?” Many courses promise to give you the possibility to be member…

Mono-varietal Oils & Table olives – September, 5th

Great time with Barbara Alfei and Tonino Cioccolanti from Flavor Cultura di Gusto We tasted Evo oils and made an introduction about TABLE OLIVES TASTING … would you like to know more about it ? ;-) The interesting and worthwhile event dedicated to the Italian Monovarietal olive oils and table olives organized by AIPOL (Interprovincial Association of Olive Manufacturers of…